Easily and quickly sprayed on your existing surface

Eliminates dust, Controls erosion

May qualify for air quality rebate

Low cost and long lasting

Environmentally safe

Approved for use near organic production

Fish Friendly

PEP Liquid Asphalt



Don't Eat Dust, Call Us!



An innovative product
PEP Liquid Asphalt was developed to provide an inexpensive, easy-to-apply solution for dust and erosion control in dirt environments. With rising costs attributed to water shortages, ongoing maintenance, and ever higher fuel prices, PEP Liquid Asphalt meets your immediate and future needs for low-cost, low maintenance, long-term dust and erosion control.

Numerous applications
PEP Liquid Asphalt is the cost effective solution for a variety of applications including construction sites, haul roads, driveways, parking lots, agricultural access roads and more.

A quick & long lasting process
PEP Liquid Asphalt is sprayed on existing aggregate or dirt, where it quickly bonds to the surface and hardens into an asphalt seal, eliminating dust and dirt. A PEP surface, when properly prepared, can withstand heavy traffic for up to three years; and, when combined with a modest maintenance program, PEP will deliver virtually unlimited wear and usage.

Substantial savings
PEP Liquid Asphalt provides immediate savings by minimizing the ongoing need for grading. Factored into cost analysis of lengthy projects, this benefit becomes substantial! And, when compared to other products, PEP stands alone as the quickest, most cost effective long term solution to the problem of dust and erosion control.

 approximate comparisons for an area 1 mile by 10’

Material.          Cost/sq. ft.            Total costs

Concrete         $ 5.37                      $ 282,528.00
Paving            $ 4.42                      $ 232,528.00
Chip Seal       $ .94                        $   49,632.00
Slurry               $  .52                       $   27,456.00
PEP                 $  .30                       $   15,840.00

Environmentally friendly
PEP Liquid Asphalt is environmentally safe, and will not harm or disrupt grass, trees, or plants. Our proprietary formula uses lignin sulfonate in the liquid asphalt emulsion, which, when properly buffered, has been approved for use as a dust suppressant on the national list, as set forth by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) for organic producers. When dry, there is no runoff. PEP is a proven safe, non-polluting means of controlling dust and erosion for the long haul.

…and a warranty

PEP Liquid Asphalt carries a 3 year warranty. Requirements include a triple coated application, area to be properly graded to PEP specifications, and a compaction rate to 90%. (The material cannot be warranted if abused by tracked vehicles, shod animals, regrading or blading of surface, or acts of God.)